Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stella McCartney for Team GB London 2012... Yey or nay???

  Earlier today saw Brit favourite Stella McCartney unveil the team Great Britain kits for this summer's Olympic games to be held right on home turf. The British designer usually gains such rave reviews surrounding her designs something which has earned her much credit across the globe with some of the worlds biggest stars, ranging from R&B superstar Rihanna to supermodel Kate Moss and even our very own Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. McCartney daughter of Sir Paul was appointed to design the kits by Adidas as a result of her incredible reputation throughout the fashion industry, however as the kit was unveiled earlier today the Brit designer received some rather negative reviews.

The kits are supposed to be representative of British culture, the Union Jack being key in this. As you all may know the colours of our flag consist of red, blue and white so why is the red so scarce in McCartney's designs???

Red is not only one of the main colours in our Great British flag but it also holds connotations of victory, which quite a number of studies have shown that by wearing the colour the athletes are in fact more likely to do better... So apparently red makes gold something which McCartney clearly hasn't taken into account, angering quite a number of the general British public. However although audiences aren't so enthusiastic about the new kits the athletes due to wear them have described them as fashionable yet comfortable. 

What do you think? Should McCartney have taken winning into account more rather than only aesthetics, or has she once again produced  an amazing collection suitable to guide Great Britain to Olympic victory??? 

By Jessica Simm


  1. It's definately a ney from us! Not a fan of this.

  2. She could have made it a little more patriotic... There are three colours in the Union Jack. To me it's just symbolic of Scotland rather than all of the countries in Great Britain