Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ibiza Rocks...

  So I finally got around to organising summer 2011, first stop Ibiza to congratulate myself on graduating this year.
  It's been almost two weeks now since I booked and it's not even until the end of July but still is all I can think about is planning my day to day wardrobe itinerary. I cannot contain my excitement anymore about the new accessories, bikinis, sandals and just outfits in general which I will soon be purchasing. I understand that it's absolutely ages away yet and I will probably get bored of the things I buy now as always, but I just cannot seem to help myself.
 I invested in some cute headscarves the other day H&M have got some lovely ones in at the minute, they're very reasonably priced too. Plus I know I cannot stop talking about it but the waterfall skirt is going to look amazing teamed with some sandals and a crop top.
  A few other stunning pieces I came across this week are from the Topshop Unique SS11 collection. Theres only one word to describe these... AMAZING. The Red Tulle Tie Dye skirt is a particular favourite of mine, it's A-Symetrical hemline adds to it's perfection even more. Another piece I love but is not yet available is the black and yellow maxi split dress (as seen below). Feathers shall also be making regular apperances throughout the whole of summer.

By Jessica Simm

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