Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Royal Wedding...

  As Britain prepares itself for the mighty event we know as the royal wedding is all us girls can think about is which lucky lady (or man) will be chosen to design the dress.
  Hundreds of rumours are floating around that the chosen one is in fact Alexander McQueen’s successor Sarah Burton but are the royals really ready for the cutting edge designs of McQueen’s right hand woman. Here are the clues to the conclusions many media institutions have already established:
 First of all the Burton’s colleague Jonathon Akeroyd who also works for the brand supposedly told another fellow workmate that the label had in fact won the contract to design the dress. Then to fuel the argument further Burton actually designed Sara Buys wedding dress when she married Camilla’s son, Prince William’s now stepbrother Tom Parker Bowles. Another added clue came when Burton’s Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection for McQueen’s label was revealed on the catwalk and a number of pieces took a striking resemblances to wedding dresses. Surely this can’t just be coincidence?
  The media are adamant Burton is the one to design the dress yet the royal family and Burton herself are still in denial, do we really have to wait until the big day to find out the truth in this matter? Take a look and decide for yourself…

Can Kate handle the unique McQueen style???

By Jessica Simm

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