Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Festival season...

  Festival season is finally upon us, I attended my first of the summer this weekend at Manchester's Parklife. It was my first year at Parklife and what a weekend. Me and the boyfriend managed to bag ourselves a couple of free VIP weekend tickets which is always a plus and although it did get off to a pretty muddy start the music and the atmosphere most definitely made up for it. 

  Rather than ramble on about my amazing weekend I'm just going to write a quick post on some festival must haves for 2012...

  Obviously the Hunters are a must, I went for a standard black pair this year but they do come in literally every colour you can imagine... Wouldn't mind investing in a red pair next myself. 

  Now I love a good pair of big sunglasses and could probably find about a hundred pairs to show you guys but here are just a few of my favourites for this season by Prada, Rayban, Tiffany & Co Dior and Chanel. Sunglasses are one of the most vital accessories for festival season so make sure you find the perfect pair. 

The perfect pair of denim shorts are pretty hard to come by but they are key for the festival wardrobe. Above are some of my faves by Topshop, River Island and Asos. 

Then finally to ensure we come prepared for a bit of our traditional Great British wet weather a pac-a-mac is a vital. They're hardly the most attractive accessory but Asos actually have some pretty cool ones on offer this year, this red one by Lacoste is by far my favourite.

Get shopping festival guys and follow me on Pinterest Jessica Louise Simm, I've finally got to grips with it :) 

By Jessica Simm

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