Saturday, 21 February 2015

2015 - first stop Amsterdam...

This year I have a lot of exciting plans - first stop Amsterdam, followed by Glastonbury, then Toronto and finally New York; so I have a lot of wardrobe planning to do and thought why not start now.

My trip to Amsterdam falls around the beginning of spring, which is always much harder to dress for - so I'm thinking for the first day/travel look I'll wear my Nike Roche Runs teamed with skinny jeans, a tee and my leather jacket.

For day two I have bought these beaut shorts which I'll be wearing with a white tee and some black ankle boots.



For day three, I have decided to go with this look...



And for my final day, this amazing paisley number from Topshop with my trusty black ankle boots and leather jacket again... 


Now for the hard bit...the evenings - but I'll keep you posted on that one 



By Jessica Simm

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